Friday, April 17, 2009

Beverage Tumblers

I am in love with these glasses - number 1 because they're so cute and number 2 because I am the kind of person who ALWAYS has to have something to drink.....and number 3 - they have a spill-proof sliding cover so my one and two year ond can't dump it! :)
They are super-sturdy - not the cheap-y kind! The are also insulated so they keep hot things hot and cold things cold. The paper inside is special paper called Kiwi paper and is for embroidery machines - it comes in about a bazillion different designs so you just tell me what colors you like and I'll get on it! These aren't cheap to make - the mug and paper costs $8 so I am selling them for $16.......order now!


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Since most of my items are embroidery and applique, I suggest either handwashing or washing inside out on the gentle cycle and then laying flat to dry - warm iron with a cloth over the item on LOW if needed!

Sippy cups and tumblers CAN be washed in the dishwasher but TAKE OUT the embroidered fabric/paper FIRST!

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