Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NEW Applique ALPHABET and NUMBER Choices!

Here are a few more GREAT applique design choices for those initial and birthday shirts! Be sure to check them ALL out using the labels on the left of the blog!

"Tiger Tail" Applique Alphabet AND Numbers:

"Jester" Applique Alphabet AND Numbers: (I also have the regular stitched font that goes with this set!)

"Greek" Applique Alphabet: "Frozen Yogurt" Applique Alphabet AND Numbers:

"Twirly Whirly "Applique Alphabet AND Numbers:

"Camryn" Applique Alphabet AND Numbers:


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Since most of my items are embroidery and applique, I suggest either handwashing or washing inside out on the gentle cycle and then laying flat to dry - warm iron with a cloth over the item on LOW if needed!

Sippy cups and tumblers CAN be washed in the dishwasher but TAKE OUT the embroidered fabric/paper FIRST!

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